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Gata Salvaje Panchita

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When they get married Eva kisses him on the mouth, Rosaura reacts by scratching him on the face, thus getting the name of "Wild Cat". Eduarda and Eva plan to make Rosaura's and Luis Mario's life miserable. They form a plan and murder Rosuara's father by running him over. After trapping Rosaura in their games and turning Luis Mario against her, they finally manage to break their marriage, this is also due to Rosaura's jealousy as women, Minerva, one of Eva closest friends, flaunts herself and publicly kisses Luis Mario. He also thinks her too wild to tame and too childlike, which finally causes him to divorce her. Sometime later, Luis Mario decides to leave for New York, hoping to make money to save his family ranch. He departs from his family in the airport, knowing that Rosaura is not far way, hiding behind a wall. When he boards the plane, he leaves not knowing that Rosaura is pregnant with his child. Later during Rosaura's revenge, she tells him this and he's saddened that she hadn't told him. She replied by saying" "That doesn't matter now (anymore). " It wasn't until later during the show that Rosaura revealed to Luis Mario that Eva was responsible murdering their unborn child by shooting her while she was riding on a horse.

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